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2011-10-01 23:39:56 by AimForTheHead

To all fellow Survivors whom are not infected, I send this message as a beacon of hope for those whom have lost faith. You are not alone I am a survivor and I am telling anyone that you are not alone.


2010-10-21 16:41:15 by AimForTheHead

Mickey knows what the boss knows about him and you will find out next season...

Time To Party

2010-05-23 13:12:15 by AimForTheHead

"We all have our moments to do something great, but some people can't seem to do it because they are afraid or they can't seem to find an excuse." quote by ME


2010-05-15 15:39:42 by AimForTheHead

I saw an episode of Salad fingers and I could not sleep that night I am never going to watch that again it scared the crap out of me.


2010-05-07 22:10:18 by AimForTheHead

Nothing new I am focusing on madness day I can't wait I have a surprise for newgrounds


2010-05-05 22:22:25 by AimForTheHead

Hello, this is my first ever news flash I would just like to say that I sound like a noob right now and if any of you rejects already said that well then STHU you lazy nerds, anyway Peace Out and keep on Rockin'